Jul 29

1940s era home plans

Contrast this 1941 home floor-plan with one from almost 20 years later in 1960. In the 40s the then Telegram-Tribune ran a regular feature showing floor plans and featuring canned wire service feature stories and photos. The local story was an update on building permits. Permits for homes ranged from $1,800 to $5,000. Though the model floor plan in the paper didn't show a garage most of the homes in the permit story had one.
It appears that at the time most homes were built by owners hiring contractors rather than buying a tract home. The ranch style tract home would come along in this area after World War II.
The homes advertised in the 1960s were about 1,200 square feet, 20 years earlier the model shows less bedroom and no garage. The plan featured was for about 800 square feet. All the rooms were solidly walled off from each other, open floor plans were not in style yet.

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