Jul 04

Atascadero Lake Independence Day fireworks

Fireowrks over Atascadero Lake were provided by Jaycees. © Jack Wilson/The Tribune 7-4-1966

Two things never look good in black and white. Food and fireworks.
Fireworks are one of the tricky things a newspaper photographer is tasked with recording. Back in the film days you couldn't check your images as you shot and make adjustments. (The term for checking an image you just shot is 'chimping'.)
Back then you locked the camera on a tripod, cranked the lens to infinity, locked the shutter open and sometimes held a black card over the lens in between flashes of pyrotechnics in the sky. Since it was an afternoon paper there was no hurry getting the film back to the office. Jack Wilson had a day familiar to current members of the Tribune staff. Parade at Cayucos in the morning and a fireworks display in the evening. This one was held at Atascadero Lake.

Telegram-Tribune front page July 5, 1966

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