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Aug 31

Sure he can sing, but can he dance?

Wilson Tender Made Ham advertisement from August 28, 1941. You've got to love family traditions, taking the ham out for a walk, on Labor Day. She is wearing hot pants and sandals, he left the tie tack at home because it is a holiday. The center of entertainment this Labor Day is an armless singing …

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Aug 29

Remembering Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer in the then Telegram-Tribune newsroom, December 14, 1992. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune You never know. Take journalism for example. The pager went off interrupting dinner plans. A plane has crashed near Cayucos. In the days before cell phones were common, the usual practice was to go to the newsroom and try to get a …

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Aug 28

Chrome refining World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune August 20, 1941 front page I am revisiting August 20, 1941 from last week to include this story. A little while back we talked about the upswing of interest in mining as war clouds gathered. Some fresh interesting details, San Luis Obispo County is the oldest and one of the richest chrome producing regions …

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Aug 26

Why do they love us?

August 27, 1941 map of Iran and Iraq invasion routes. One of the most employed headlines in the post 9-11 landscape poses the question, "Why do they hate us?" A column by Pakistani Mohsin Hamid flips the question to "Why do they love us?" He writes that America's Jeffersonian ideals are admired wherever freedom is …

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Aug 24

Why do they call it a slide show?

John Heinz, head of the audio-visual department at Cal Poly makes the final selection of slides used in a training film. Cal Poly photo Today one person could do it all with a $500 iPad.Video, audio, artwork, photography, editing and production can all be completed on a workstation about the size of a legal pad. …

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Aug 22

Hunting the ultimate prey, flies

Fly gun of 1941. This just in from the bright ideas desk…the fly gun. This is the "you'll shoot your eye out" alternative to harsh chemical sprays. No mention of zombie flies in this article. You don't want to be looking pretty fly around the armed lass in this photo. I can't improve on the …

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Aug 21

Map of the Pacific, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune map of U.S. Navy development in Morro Bay from August 21, 1941 Environmental concerns that would be a story today don't even get a word in this August 21, 1941 map and brief. Morro Bay was slated to become a navy depot and the Feds were planning on dumping a cool million dollars on …

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Aug 19

Sunny Acres, built for saving children or Satanic rituals

San Luis Obispo firefighters reached Friday's fire in the old juvenile hall by knocking down plywood covering second-story windows. ©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune 11-24-1989 A fixer upper is coming on the market. Vacant windows stare, unblinking, over one of the best views in the county. Below Cerro San Luis and Bishop Peak are bookends to San Luis …

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Aug 17

When gas cost 36 cents a gallon

©The Tribune This undated view of motel row looking south on Monterey Street at Grand Ave. makes me wistful for those gasoline prices. Add two cents, move the decimal to the right and add about 40 years to arrive at today. According to the US Inflation calculator a gallon of 1970 Ethyl should cost $2.15 …

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Aug 15

The long mustache of the law

The caption from the May 10, 1956 Centurama edition of the then Telegram-Tribune. "This is what the well dressed policeman was wearing in the 1890′s. He is Robert H. Pruitt. The picture is from John Pruitt."

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