Aug 10

Don't wait until disease has fastened its fangs upon you

August 26, 1876 ad for Yerba Buena Bitters

Before prohibition if you were queasy about being seen drinking whiskey there were many vendors who were happy to disguise their alcohol as medicine. In addition a woman's reputation suffered if she was seen in a bar. However there was no such damage for an occasional nip of medicine. The Tribune about this time was in an office over a bar and had no qualms about taking liquor related advertising. In some towns the water quality was so poor that it may have been healthier to drink out of a bottle rather than the tap.
This ad is from the 1876 edition of The Tribune

Dr. Warren's Yerba Buena Bitters

This is a Medicinal Bitters — NOT A FANCY DRINK! It acts on the Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels, producing a natural operation and purifying the blood.
GUARD AGAINST DISEASE — Don't wait until disease has fastened its fangs upon you and are prostrated upon a bed of suffering, before you can take measures to guard against the usual malarial influences of the summer months. If you have not already in the house a bottle of the celebrated Yerba Buena Bitters send at once to your druggist and procure one. A few doses of this unequaled cathartic and regulator will cleanse the stomach and bowels like a charm, purify the blood like a charm, purify the blood and place the system in a condition to resist the attack of disease. We say this advisedly. We have been using the Yerba Buena Bitters for over a year as a simple corrective and find it invaluable. It is a friend that we would not wish to be deprived of.

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