Oct 01

Blackout Curtians – World War II week by week

Lights out, from the Telegram-Tribune September 27, 1941.

America was slow to assimilate life or death lessons. Light can be a weapon of war but living thousands of miles from the fighting and war not yet declared gave this article an unfocused lack of urgency. This feature package published in the then Telegram-Tribune was produced by the EveryWeek Magazine and Science Service. The story drew on experiences from England and said in the fifth paragraph that total blackouts may cause more accidents than the damage prevented from an air raid.
The reality was that at the time no bomber could cover the almost 4,000 air miles between New York and Berlin.
Submarines were another story. German U-boats were able to spot shipping at night against the bright background of eastern city lights. The early months of America's entry into the war were called Die Gl

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