Dec 13

Four years of Blogging

I didn’t think writing was my thing till this blog came along. Discovering old photos, sharing articles, reading your comments it has all been a lot of fun. Apologies for the inconsistent posting schedule over the last few weeks. Vacation, sick days and computer crashes have all combined to make posting less regular than I would like. I am hoping that things will settle back into the groove next week.

Here’s to the readers, you are what make this dialog successful. Your comments have helped me understand the history of the area and I really appreciate the way we have been able to have a productive conversation here rather than the sniping and carping that many websites fill their comments with. I really couldn’t do this without your continuing interest.

If I could take a moment to ask a favor, I know some of you like this site. A few of you like it so much that you have been downloading photos and reposting them without attribution.
This is bad form.
I put in hours of research time to bring you interesting material and it hurts in a personal way when folks swipe images without asking or linking. It also hurts the blog by not bringing interested readers into the conversation.
There is an easy solution.
I strongly encourage people to share information from this site using the green ShareThis button at the bottom of each post. It will hook you up with your favorite social media site or email, you look erudite and brilliant and it will give the blog a link to the readers it needs to grow.
Help the blog out and do the right thing. To those of you who already observe proper web etiquette, I say thanks.

Here are the top stories in order from the last year. About half are familiar and others are new.   Interest in Leon Panetta peaked when the CIA chief announced Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan. Others like the James Dean story are familiar from previous “Best of” lists.

  1. James Dean Death an Accident Jury Finds
  2. Vietnam basic training Ft. Ord
  3. Charles “Tex” Watson Wedding, the Manson Family
  4. Leon Panetta
  5. Muzio’s Grocery and Deli
  6. San Luis Obispo Map, 1941
  7. When gas cost 36 cents a gallon
  8. Arroyo Grande flood 1914
  9. Who needs campgrounds anyway? Morro Strand proposed
  10. Actor James Dean killed in car crash

If you have a story line you liked or would like to see please post a comment. Your feedback helps me shape the stories I select. I do have to give this disclaimer, our files from earlier decades are not indexed and I will need the date to find most stories.

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