Dec 04

Japan Denies War Move, World War II week by week

The Friday December 5 Telegram-Tribune was filled with lies.
Japan told the United States that the nation’s troop concentrations in French Indo-China (Vietnam) were in accord with the Nazi controlled French Vichy government.
Peace negotiations continued in Washington D.C. as the Japanese war fleet was within two days of Pearl Harbor. Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto had been planning the attack since the beginning of the year. Though the admiral had doubts about the long term chances of winning a war with America he carried out his duty to the Japanese leadership and had his men rehearsing the attack for months. The fleet set sail at the end of November, maintaining radio silence, the ships were approaching a Sunday morning rendezvous with infamy.
An article a few months back in the Telegram-Tribune had recalled the opening of the Russo-Japanes war in 1904 with a surprise attack.

In the truthful news on the page…

Impounding of Water Will Start Tomorrow in Upper Salinas Dam

Tomorrow at 8 a.m. marks the induction date of the Upper Salinas river into the service of Uncle Sam, it was revealed today with the announcement that the Upper Salinas river dam will then begin impounding water for use by soldiers at Camp San Luis Obispo.
A concrete slab will be dropped into place to close the temporary diversion tunnel under the dam. The slab will be scaled into place to actually begin a water conservation program which will form a two mile square lake and provide 45,000 acre-feet of water.

Still Under Construction

The dam is still under construction. It is situated about nine miles east of Santa Margarita and now rises approximately 95 feet above the stream bed. When completed it will be 135 feet tall. It is a variable radius arch type dam approximately 600 feet long on the top.
Concrete pouring for the dam is scheduled for completion early next month. Clearing of timber behind the dam is under way.
Companion projects of the dam are the construction of a nine-mile-long pipe line from the dam to a pumping station two miles south of Santa Margarita and a tunnel being bored through the Santa Lucia range above the crest of the Cuesta.

Lift Water 200 Feet

At the pumping plant the water will be lifted about 200 feet to the eight foot, mile-long tunnel. From the north portal of the tunnel it will drop by gravity to the Chorro creek reservoir at Camp San Luis Obispo.
Capt. J.A. Fraps, assistant to the constructing quartermaster and in charge of the dam pipeline-pumping plant-tunnel project announced today that the tunnel crews working from opposite sides of the mountain are now within 850 feet of each other and may meet by Christmas.
Captain Fraps repeats that enough water is now running in the Upper Salinas to care for the needs of Camp San Luis Obispo soldiers.

In other news…The junior high school built for 350 students was straining with 568 with the base expansions in the region. Superintendent C.E. Teach said the district was not eligible for relief from the Federal government because construction plans had not been drawn up by a licensed architect. The board was contemplating hiring one.

Twenty-year old George Garner was killed when the 10-foot deep ditch he was working on collapsed. The Osos street trench was for a sewer line to serve the west side of town and Cal Poly.

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