Apr 27

Hotel Olive, the Leonard Collection

Hotel Olive, the Leonard Collection

The most enigmatic image from the Leonard Collection. A man dressed in formal attire stands outside the Hotel Olive. The image is double exposed and the ghostly figures of another group stand at the center window shaded by trees. Snow or sand covers the ground of the second image.

The Leonard Collection

The photo comes from a collection of 16 large format negatives in files of the Tribune library. They were  enclosed in a 1950s era Telegram-Tribune window envelope, labeled “Mrs. Leonard.” The images however are decades older. One image in the collection is dated 1908, another is after an flood in 1914 and several are from an event in 1915. Most of the images were made in the south county, Arroyo Grande, Lopez Canyon, Pismo Beach and one series is from San Francisco.

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