Jun 26

A life of beauty for the boys on duty -1942 fashion

March 18, 1942 fashion page from the then Telegram-Tribune urging women to keep in style for the troops.

World War II would change feature stories and advertising in curious ways.
Announcements of wartime rationing were making headlines on the front page but the fashion page was still trying to promote style.
The message was to dress well and perhaps you could compete with Hollywood pin up girls like Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake.
The designs made before America was at war, were shown in scrap book style. Messages in cursive below the images with notes like “I’ll be waiting at the station when you get that furlough…”

Dressing in the latest fashion was cast here as an almost patriotic duty. Support the war effort, buy a dress.


Every hero needs a heroine for woman’s loveliness epitomizes more than any other one thing all that he believes worth fighting for. Country, home, family, These he is protecting. And it is the picture of the woman he loves…confident, courageous, beautifully groomed, which renews for him, with every fond glance, the inspiration to fight gallantly on.

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