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De Soto or DeSoto? Automobile advertising from 1957

De Soto advertisement from 1957.

It is a bad sign when a car company can’t agree on how to spell its own name in an advertisement. Is there a space in between De Soto or not? This ad from March 12, 1957 has it both ways.
The company was founded as a mid-price brand by Walter Chrysler with the first models appearing on the street for the 1929 model year. It was a case of poor planning however because the company bought the Dodge Brothers brand soon thereafter making DeSoto the cheaper model.
Peak of the brand was in the early 1950s and in 1956 it was selected for the prestigious slot as Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.
Sales crashed in 1958 during an economic downturn and the brand was folded after the 1961 model. According to Wikipedia the Chrysler had failed to manage their five name plates to stay in specific pricing points forcing the corporation to compete with itself.
The automobile company was a sponsor of comic Groucho Marx on both television and radio.

The advertising copy reads:

This baby can flick its tail at anything on the road De Soto

And she sure gets a big kick out of proving it. This new glamor gal leads the pack—in beauty, in performance, in rid. And talk about ride…just throw her a curve. She loves it! New Torsion-Aire ride keeps her smooth and level. Mister, here’s everything you want in a car. The man to see is your nearby De Soto-Plymouth dealer. Drive and price a De Soto before you decide.
The most exciting car in the world today!
DeSoto prices start just above the lowest

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