Aug 29

Lifeguard competition, Avila Beach

Lifeguard Todd Brinton knows the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, not to mention de head. Brinton was one of the competitors in last week's Central Coast Lifeguard Championships held at Avila Beach, and nearly met his match when it came time to don his swim cap. ©Daryl Shoptaugh/Telegram-Tribune

Sharp, well lit, clean background, good expression, peak action, correctly exposed this photo has what it takes to win contests.
Of course back then it was manual exposure and focus. The Daryl did a great job making the background neutral and picking the decisive moment.
Now cameras are so automated that technically good images are the norm.
So normal that folks now buy apps to yukify images with yellow stains, and artificial light strikes; like the back of the camera was opened before the film was developed. Pseudo historical.
The photo taken by a Telegram-Tribune stringer won first place in a regional monthly photography contest probably the National Press Photographer’s Association regional. Daryl Shoptaugh’s photo took first place in the sports category among newspapers in California, Nevada and Hawaii. The photograph was published in the Sept. 3, 1987 edition of the the South County Tribune, a weekly supplement to the Telegram-Tribune.
At times the paper has published regional, limited circulation supplements for the North and South County.

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