Oct 03

Clear your head with whiskey

So apparently it is the brand of whiskey that gives you the hangover.
I thought the point of whiskey was to get a warm fuzzy feeling, not have a clear head.
That’s what Calvert seems to be claiming in this July 3, 1935 ad.
Oh, four sentences deep into the copy they say moderation may also have an impact. Reading the copy they clearly don’t think women are a target consumer.
This chipper man of gentlemanly moderation doesn’t even wake up with bed head. He is either stretching out in the morning or about to lead a sideline cheer in his pajamas.
All I know is I don’t look that together any morning, but then again I don’t drink Calverts. Apparently I have failed to use good judgment all these years.

Whiskey with a smile ad from July 3, 1935.

Particular about what you drink?
How you feel? Then call for CALVERT, the best of the better blended whiskies. It’s the whiskey clear heads call for…the whiskey that appeals to clear heads…the whiskey that, enjoyed in gentlemanly moderation, lets you salute tomorrow with a smile. Use good judgment. Buy better whiskey. Call for CALVERT.

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