Oct 08

Good-bye Squirrels

Booth's Squirrel and gopher exterminator ad from May 8, 1880.

A couple of years ago they waited, watching, biding their time.
When my beefsteak tomatoes were three days from harvest they struck.
Ground squirrel squads came through the fence and ate all the red, leaving lopsided green-striped tomato tops hanging from the vine. I could hear their high pitched laughter echoing from their dens.
Apparently squirrels were an issue for humans back in 1880 as well, though the animal in the art work looks like no squirrel I have ever seen.
The picture looks like some unholy genetic engineering gone bad. Eyes of a mole, body of a badger, face of an opossum, and a starched broom tail and ears that look like baby angel wings.
Booth’s is apparently deadly, squirrels, gophers, mice, birds and etc. are all on the target list according to the advertising copy.
Nothing is safe, not even an angel eared, broomtailed-molossumger.

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