Oct 11

San Luis High girl’s tennis team

San Luis Obispo High School tennis team from 1901.

Caption from the May 11, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune for a Fitzhugh photograph. (His studio was a regular newspaper advertiser in the late 1800s.)

‘THE TENNIS CLUB’…Pictured in the first issue of the “Meteor,” high school annual for the class of 1901, is the bevy of young maidens entitled “The Tennis club,” I. Hubbard “Hub” Hollister has identified the group as follows: first row left to right, Helen Kieran, Belle Williamson Millie Wildes, Amee Kallmeyer and Mary Cheda. Top row, left to right, Alice Nelson, Lillie McCaffery, Amana Wickenden, Isabelle Tanner, Mabelle Jameson or Mary Hourihan and Gertrude O’Leary. Miss O’Leary was secretary and Miss Nelson was treasurer.

Hopefully the dresses were for the formal photo and were not worn on the court during a match. All those frills would be hard work to dash around the court in.

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