Oct 07

Speedlimit set at 35 miles per hour, World War II week by week

Gasoline rationing, air craft production increases and Stalingrad were all headlines in the Sept. 30, 1942 Telegram-Tribune.

California motorists exceeding a 35-mile per hour speed will be warned or given citations by the California Highway Patrol beginning tomorrow.
The county clerk Gwen Marshall Hourlhan was asked to coordinate gasoline rationing in the county in a similar manor at sugar rationing.
Production numbers were coming up for aircraft. Output in the U.S. had been anemic before the war but now that the nation was mobilized to a full wartime footing the numbers were starting to change. California’s economy would be boosted by the number of ship building and aircraft manufacturing facilities operating in the state. The state’s population was about to undergo a boom.
German leader Adolf Hitler boasted in a radio address that “we will take Stalingrad, of that you can be assured.”
The Nazi army was gaining ground in viscous building by building fighting but the Russians were said to be making divisional attacks to the northwest of the city.

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