Nov 28

A song on the wires, boom box in the sky

Dave Moore, a splicer for Pacific Bell, takes his listening pleasure with him on the job. Earphones aren't convenient under a hardhat, so Moore lugged his portable radio up 30-feet high and hung it from a convenient wire. He was working at the corner of Pismo and Santa Rosa streets in San Luis Obispo. ©Robert Dyer/Telegram-Tribune

Nothing says 1980s faster than boom box. Transistor radios, wonders of the 60s that would fit in the palm of your hand had sound like a singing chipmunk.
Bigger speakers, bigger batteries and you had a portable party, and bonus this one has a cassette tape player.
Looks like the dial is set to around 105 FM or 1400 AM.
Knobs and dials, that was the best. None of that push-buttony-game-controller-digital-readout nonsense.
Some design has come full circle, the digital readout on my car can be set to simulate a clock face complete with ticking second hand.
I see fewer linemen working these days, cell phones and internet phone service has cut into what was once a monopoly. Now people use those wires to stream music or download songs.

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