Nov 12

America invades North Africa, World War II week by week

Africa invaded Telegram-Tribune Nov. 10, 1942

November 10, 1942 brought the opening of a new ground battle.
American ground troops had crossed the Atlantic and were ashore in Algeria and Morocco, on the way to a fight with Nazi forces in North Africa.
Lt. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was leading the fight.
French Vichy troops were encouraged to surrender and brought under attack where negotiations failed.
The German and Italian armies would soon now be facing Great Britain advancing from the east and America advancing from the west.

The Motel Inn gas station was out of service after being hit by a runaway truck for the third time in two years.

In local news the November 14, 1942 Telegram-Tribune
A community drive was underway to raise money for the USO, $4,125 was the target to fund one-fifth of the annual need.
There were two locations in San Luis Obispo, the large facility was on Santa Rosa Street. The recreation building was built with $90,000 of federal money and included a ballroom, library and meeting room and showers.
A second location was on Higuera Street where an upstairs facility had a dance floor and lounge.
A third location was on Palm Street for African-American soldiers and sailors. The armed forces would not be integrated until after the war.
One other story from that day.
A new record was set for construction of a Kaiser Liberty Ship, 80 hours from start to launch.

USO in San Luis Obispo from the Nov. 11, 1942 Telegram-Tribune

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