Nov 18

British take Tobruk

Telegram-Tribune from Nov. 13, 1942 shows the headlines of 70 years ago.

Axis armies in North Africa were under attack from both sides, Americans in the west and British in the east were pressing hard.
The Nazi army was also locked in a desperate battle to take Stalingrad as winter approached the Russian interior. The Allies were hopeful they had reached a turning point against Germany that till now had been the winner of most battles.

A cruiser near the Santa Cruz Islands in the South Pacific was forced to take evasive action as a Japanese torpedo plane attempted a suicide attack. A foreshadowing of events later in the war.

Dwight David Eisenhower was America's army commander in North Africa. Lessons learned here would be applied later in the war for bigger tasks. From the Nov. 16, 1942 Telegram-Tribune.

A drawing of a new commander was placed on page 8, readers would be hearing more about Ike in the months and years ahead. Originally General George Marshall had hoped to lead the fight but President Franklin Roosevelt deemed him essential for overall war planning and so the younger Dwight Eisenhower drew the battlefield assignment.
Both men would excel in their roles.

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