Nov 03

California elections, World War II week by week

Nov. 3, 1942 Telegram-Tribune headlines the election and war in Africa.

Even during a war that required a concentrated effort from society, elections were held. California voters had to wade through 18 propositions in addition to major state government seats.
(Preliminary returns show Prop. 6 – Establishment of a board of forestry, appears to be winning, Prop. 5 – Pay raises for legislators, loses and Prop. 11 – Regulation of boxing and wrestling matches, win.)
Earl Warren would win the first of three terms as governor. As California attorney general he had been active in the internment of Japanese-Americans, a decision he later regretted.
Warren would appointed by to Chief Justice by a future president who’s name was not yet a household word, Dwight David Eisenhower. The Warren court would be marked by a number of progressive civil rights (Brown v Board of Education), first amendment and due process decisions (Miranda v Arizona).
He would also chair the controversial investigation into the John F. Kennedy Assassination. A fairgrounds near Santa Barbara carries his name.
In news from the war front Erwin Rommel was being driven back by the British.
Behind the scenes a chatty United States embassy in Cairo had used a low security code to transmit situation updates that had unintentionally provided the German Army with valuable information. When that leak was stopped and Bernard Montgomery took command of the British 8th Army the tide was began to turn in the deserts of North Africa.

War maps were a frequent feature in the Telegram-Tribune as draftees were sent out and datelines streamed in from far flung locations. From the Telegram-Tribune Nov. 25, 1942.

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