Nov 14

Motoring in a Maxwell in San Luis Obispo

Less than a century ago dirt streets and horses were not hard to find in San Luis Obispo. This unrelated story and photo turn the clock back to 1917. These items were republished in the May 15, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune. Read more about the “>Stag Billiard Parlor here or World War I Bond drive here.

Only Nine Hours From Bay City

In 1917 San Luis Obispans did not just casually run up to San Francisco or down to Los Angeles in a few hours, as witness this account of a stage line operation wish appeared in the Telegram of May 8, 1917.
“F.H. Davis, representing the Western Auto Stage Co., stopped here last night on his way from San Francisco to Los Angles on the first round trip over setting the time for a daily schedule that will be put into effect in the next few weeks.
“Davis said through car will be run every day from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and from San Francisco to Los Angeles. San Luis Obispo being half way this will be the stopping point over night. Salinas and Santa Barbara are lunching places.
“On the run down from San Francisco yesterday, Davis covered the 247 miles in a little over nine hours, leaving at eight and arriving here at six. Stops were made at San Jose at 10, Gilroy at 11, San Juan at 11:20 and Salinas at 12:15. A 45-minute stop was made at Salinas and the pace-setting car reached King City at 2:30, San Miguel at 3:30 and Paso Robles at 4:45.”

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