Nov 22

Santa Claus is coming, San Luis Obispo ad 1875

Christmas ad from Nov. 21, 1875 San Luis Obispo Tribune.

One thing I am thankful for, I won’t be shopping Black Friday.
I tend to be a last second shopper so if you are one of those who hits the mall early, good luck.
Some like to grouse about the commercialization of Christmas.
I tend to look at it as a slice of Americana.
Advertising helps write part of the paychecks for newspapers and the tradition of Christmas ads goes back a long, long way.
For example this is from the San Luis Obispo Tribune from November 21, 1875. The gift suggestions are interesting and as always retailers get in a pitch for lowest prices and best selection. This ad is from I.N. Choynski & Co. The ad makes a tactical error at the end by mentioning a competitor’s new store next door.

Santa Claus IS Coming.
Now is the time to buy your Holiday Presents!
I.N. Choynski & Co
Have just received, from the East, a large and splendid assortment of Books, Albums, Cutlery, Desks, Work-Boxes, Pictures, Toys, Portfolios, Sheet-Music, Frames, Scrap-Books and a general stock of
We sell goods at Wholesale and Retail
at less than
San Francisco Prices.
And both the trade and private individuals are cordially invited to inspect our stock.

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