Dec 29

Hoarding Spam, World War II week by week

Rationing would take effect as 1943 was about to dawn and in San Luis Obispo there was a run on canned meat. Local shoppers were suspected of hoarding.

San Luis Obispo postmaster William C. O’Donnell said that Christmas volume was the highest ever. Special trains were scheduled to pick up the extra mail.

Official word from Admiral Chester Nimitz at Pearl Harbor estimated that the war in the Pacific would take 5 more years. Germany would be defeated first and it was thought that Japan would not surrender until subdued by invasion.

The Soviet ring around 22 Nazi divisions near Stalingrad was growing tighter. Adolph Hitler had ordered the German troops hold ground but had no comprehension that the task of resupply by air was beyond the ability of the Luftwaffe. Aircraft were failing due to harsh winter conditions and poor mechanical training.
Fighting over England, Norway and North Africa had depleted the German air force and the Soviet Army was learning from previous mistakes. The battle for this region had been raging for five bloody months.

The Telegram-Tribune carried headlines of wartime hoarding Dec. 28, 1942.

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