Dec 26

Horse drawn buggy by Studebaker

I asked Santa for a stylish classic Studebaker for Christmas.
This is what I got.

Studebaker horse and buggy ad from January 29, 1909 San Luis Obispo Telegram.

The company began in 1852 when brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker opened a blacksmith shop in South Bend Indiana. Later two younger brothers would join and they would build the business into the largest wagon and buggy maker in the United States.
By the time this ad ran the company was already experimenting with the latest technology. An electric car in 1902, Thomas Edison bought the second car assembled.
Soon came a gasoline powered model in 1904. Apparently the San Luis Obispo dealer did not think there was much of a market for the newfangled models. Even though the ad claims to carry everything in the vehicle line it is clear that floor space is reserved for dependable 1 horsepower models. The power could be upgraded in full horsepower increments.
However the end was near. Studebaker horse drawn buggy production would cease almost a decade after this ad ran, in 1920.
The automotive company known as a style leader but by 1966 the big Detroit auto makers had driven the older company out of business.

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