Dec 24

Merry Christmas, 1965 from the Telegram-Tribune

Regular readers of the Telegram-Tribune and Photos From the Vault recognize the names from the Editorial Department.
About 20 years after this 1965 house ad was published I would work with Eudora (Dorie) Bentley, George Brand and Carol Roberts.
Readers of this blog have enjoyed looking at the pictures made by Jim Vestal and Jack Wilson.
The stories of Elliot Curry, Patricia Keeble, Gilbert Moore, John Nettleship have all been republished here.
It takes a lot of people to deliver the “Hey did you hear about…” tip that a journalist discovers to the printed paper landing your doorstep every morning. These folks from 1965 were using typewriters, film and notebooks. Today we can send photos from smart phones, publishing within minutes of the event. The dedication to finding interesting stories remains the same.
Ads are still sold by humans, and the same with printing and delivering the paper.
Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a lot of curious, literate minds in the newsroom. The paper is made up of a group of people who take blank rolls of newsprint every day and turn it into something interesting then deliver it to you. Tomorrow the process starts all over again. Thanks to all of you, readers, advertisers and co-workers for your shared curiosity and support.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.

December 28, 1965 Season’s greetings, from the Telegram-Tribune.

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