Dec 16

One escapee caught, World War II week by week

Brief items from the Dec. 9, 1942 Telegram Tribune.

The post office was taking on extended hours to handle the volume of Christmas mail. Both the holiday and growing military bases were straining the system.

The state board of equalization was scheduled to enforce a midnight liquor curfew starting this evening.

Telegram-Tribune front page Dec. 9, 1942

Twenty boys in Chicago wore skirts to protest girls wearing slacks at Harper High School.
“‘We can’t look any funnier in skirts than they do in slacks,’ said Bill Larson striding to his class with a neat brown plaid number swishing below his varsity sweater.”

One of the two jail breakers was captured in Reno. They had forced bars in the new third story jail and gained access to the roof.
Clyde Ervin Peters, 52 was back in custody. James W. Webb, 33, was still at large.

George B. Holle was granted an honorable discharge from the Marines. The Eau Claire, Wisconsin boy was 12 when he forged his enlistment paperwork. The mistake was caught by the time the boy turned 13. He said he would return when his 17th birthday rolled around.

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