Jan 06

New Governor Earl Warren, rationing World War II week by week

Republican Earl Warren was sworn in as California’s 30th governor in 1943.

In San Francisco 139 of the city’s 500 meat markets were closed due to a lack of red mead due to rationing. Many butchers were quitting to take war related jobs.

The San Luis Obispo Post Office released numbers backing their previous statement that the year had broken records for volume. The number of outgoing insured parcels increased by 152 percent. Incoming mail numbers had not yet been tabulated but it was expected to be similar considering the rapid increase of serviceman in the area.

Headlines from the Telegram-Tribune Jan. 4, 1943 as Earl Warren is sworn in.

Not all servicemen were good guys, a burglary attempt at the Del Monte Grocery store was foiled when an alarm went off alerting the owners. Mrs. S.M. Robbins telephoned the police while her daughter Hildred went to the front door frightening away the burglar. He was described by neighbors as wearing a soldier’s uniform. He had entered the store by breaking glass in the front door with a rock.

On the other hand some tried to take advantage of the influx of renters.
Paso Robles landlady Madelyne De Voe, manager of a multi-unit court, was restrained from charging rentals in excess of a ceiling set by the Office of Price Administration. Six army officers and their families refused to pay a rent increase and fought eviction.

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