Feb 17

Avila Beach land acquired, World War II week by week

One item missed in the last couple of reviews from 1943 was the purchase of property for public use in Avila Beach.

From January 28, 1943:

Avila Beach Purchase Is Approved
County acquisition of Avila beach frontage was approved at the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission meeting Wednesday afternoon, with members passing a motion recommending that the Board of Supervisors acquire an 850-foot strip of beach property south of the Avila pier.
The Board will be asked to enter into negotiations with C.P. Dorman, owner of the property who has agreed to sell the land to the county. Steps have already been taken, it was reported to acquire additional property along the Avila water front from the Pacific Coast Coal and Lumber company and the Union Oil company.

Plans were also being made to induct Americans of Japanese extraction into the armed forces.

Telegram-Tribune front page from Feb. 16, 1943.

Telegram-Tribune front page from Feb. 16, 1943.

February 15, 1943
Paso Robles High School graduate, class of 1938, Jimmie Farnell of Estrella was listed by the War Department as missing in action. The flier with the Army Air Forces had been serving in the South Pacific.

February 16, 1943
San Luis Obispo put on the ballot for the general election a measure granting a gas franchise to Southern Counties Gas. They would replace the Santa Maria Gas Co.

Camp San Luis Obispo sought abandonment of the old state highway to allow better road planning. The old road went from the Goldtree tract (near present day CMC) into the camp.

Eucalyptus trees on the Nipomo Mesa were being considered for paper pulp. The Flintkote Company of California purchased 310 acres of land and was planning to use the pulp to make roofing.

Mohanadas K. Gandhi was in weak condition almost 7 days into a fast to protest British rule in India.

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