Feb 02

Murray Adobe in Mission Plaza

The first edition of the Tribune was printed here August 7, 1869.
©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune Nov. 20, 1973

The previous two posts showed what the in the 1960s. By 1973 only the lean-to portion remained, the main house replaced by an arbor. What happened? The answer next week.
By now you may recognize the building as the Murray Adobe, law office of Tribune founding editor Walter Murray. It is in Mission Plaza between the “Queenie” Warden bridge and the public restrooms.

Apologies for not writing more this week but my regular duties as photographer took precedence in addition to finding a part for a broken microfilm reader. Thanks to Jose Najera at Ultrex for tracking it down. Hopefully there will be a bit of time for writing next week.

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