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Ernst Brothers storehouse and Sperry Flour Mill, Paso Robles

Wheat was once among the royalty of the cash crops in the region but now it is not even in the top 20. Look at the list of agricultural products in the 2011 crop statistics report put out by the county and very little of it is dry land farming.
One of those end of an era stories from the March 14, 1967 Telegram-Tribune:

Ernst Brothers storehouse
Paso landmark facing demolition

PASO ROBLES — Another landmark faces the demolition team’s heavy hand within the next few weeks.
The Ernst Brothers brick grain storehouse on Riverside Drive was condemned some time ago and arrangements have been made with Chandler Ranch Inc. to tear down the structure.
The brick building was constructed in conjunction with the flour mill which dates back to the 1890s. The mill was owned by Sperry Milling and Flour Co., and for many years the lights burned and the mill wheels ground night and day.
Farmers brought their grain in wagons from the Carrisa Plains for milling.
It is claimed the soil in the Carrisa produced a type of wheat which became a high grade flour. Sometimes Kansas wheat was brought to the Paso Robles mill for mixing with the local grain.
Milling operations, however, were moved to the Carrisa Plains and the mill still is located on the Beck Ranch.
A hand-lettered sign hangs in the brick storehouse advising farmers to remember, “Our customers have no use for stale grain.”

Ernst Brothers grain warehouse slated for demolition.

Ernst Brothers grain warehouse slated for demolition.

Perhaps our Paso Robles historians can help us out…is this the corner of 12th and Riverside where Cool Hand Luke’s is today? Send me a photo of what it looks like today and I’ll post it here.

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