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Fashionable Easter shirt waists from 1903

Easter fashion for women at the dawn of the 20th century included flowery hats and high collared dresses as seen in this advertisement from a San Luis Obispo store. I am told by informed fashion sources that a shirt waist is a blouse that in that era would typically be worn over an uncomfortable whale bone corset.
As seen on the front page of the Morning Tribune from March 22, 1903.

March 22, 1903 front page ad from the Morning Tribune.

March 22, 1903 front page ad from the Morning Tribune.

Better see about that new hat you want to wear Easter Sunday now while we have time to give you lots of attention.
If you did not get out to our opening day come in and look around, the amount of style we sell you with a hat at the low prices we ask for them will astonish you.
If you don’t see what we are showing in Easter Millinery we will both be sorry.

The New Shirt Waists are here

Fresh from the best New York makers, Crisp, Clean, Stylish, Pretty trimmed waists in white lawn from 75 cts. to as fine as you like. Dainty colored waists prettily trimmed from 50 cts to as fine as your heart desires or purse affords.

Wash Silk Waists

Pure silk and washable, elaborately trimmed from $3.00

Peau de Soie Silk Waists

The genuine article, beautifully made and very elaborately trimmed, cut with the latest style sleeve at $5.00; other stores ask you a dollar and a half more for waists not as good or pretty.
We sell more waists than all the other stores in town.
Why? Prettier styles and lower prices at Pierson & Regan’s

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