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Underwater Easter egg hunt Morro Bay

When this story was first posted in Photos From the Vault the original 1968 story was not included.
Family Editor Linnea Waltz wrote this story April 11, 1968:

MORRO BAY— Clear water, warm weather and eager kids demonstrated togetherness Tuesday afternoon at the Morro Bay High School pool.
The idea was to get as many Easter eggs from the bottom of the pool in one dive as there was breath to stay under water.
The midafternoon affair was an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Morro Bay City Recreation Department. Prerequisite for entry was an ability to swim.
More than 200 youngsters crowded along five stations set up around the pool. Each station represented an age group.
The series of contests were conducted according to age, with a limit of five contestants allowed in the pool at one time. Each grouping was assigned a life guard and helper, and a mother and helper on topside. All were volunteers for the occasion.
The hunt was planned and directed by Ronald Boone, the city’s part-time recreation director; he was assisted by the following:
Christine Moon, Jeane Tardif, Carol Hannula, Roy Kline, Pringle Hayn, Isabel Stewart, Peter Tomasovich, Mary Ramos, Pat Seares, Sharon Kline, Angie Spellacy and Beverly Boone.
A highlight of the afternoon was the special scramble for the “golden goose egg,” participated in only by the older groups. When the churned water cleared, the golden eggs were found in the hands of Martin Fitts, Debbie Peterson, William Vaughan, Bob Brown Stan Minnickle, Hal Hannula, Ricky Briebrock and Nick Fisher.
Added attraction for the contestants was the Telegram-Tribune’s underwater photographer, David Ranns, with mask, air tank and flippers in addition to his underwater camera. He was assisted with fill-in pictures on shore by Barry Minett, also of the Telegram-Tribune photography staff.
Winners in the age groups were as follows:
First place in the 4- to 6-year-old groups was won by Nick Fisher, who scooped up six eggs; second, Eric White; and third, Kim Byers. In the 7- and 8-year group, Jeff Madison cornered six eggs for first; Jim Steele was second; Ashley Farmer third and Craig Holdredge, fourth.

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