Mar 03

Victory in Guadalcanal, World War II week by week

In my effort to get back on track after our microfilm machine was repaired a major milestone was overlooked, the Feb. 9, 1943 edition of the Telegram-Tribune the new in a banner headline.
America had taken Guadalcanal, their first land victory in the Pacific Theater. The Japanese Army had evacuated and only a few stragglers remained.
Combined with the Soviet victory in Stalingrad and advances in North Africa the Allied forces were no longer backpedaling in a desperate attempt to regain balance.

Victory at Guadalcanal was the headline in the Feb. 9, Telegram-Tribune.

Victory at Guadalcanal was the headline in the Feb. 9, Telegram-Tribune.

In other news there was a national proposal to eliminate unnecessary traffic signals to prevent the waste of fuel and tires. San Luis Obispo had tried this several weeks ago shutting down the signal at Marsh and Broad streets and traffic was snarled. The light was turned back on and there were no plans to shut off the three sets of lights in town. Chorro/Higuera, Marsh/Broad and Santa Rosa/Monterey.

Four new housing units were under construction in San Miguel and Camp Roberts. There were about 400 units total in the four projects.

All men deferred from military service due to dependents now had to register for the draft or go to work in essential war related job.

The U.S. Navy was looking to establish an air training facility in the region. The area was attractive because of the newly built half-million dollar county airport that had been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and Telegram-Tribune. Housing shortages were the one thing holding back the project.

The war production board announced a second cut of newsprint production not to exceed 10 per cent.

New Yorkers ran to shoe stores after word got out that shoes would be rationed. Apparently shoppers in San Luis Obispo were not as panicky. Three pairs of shoes a year was the limitation and shoe stores in town took the day off to let the news of rationing sink in.

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