Apr 04

Every Ounce a Man’s Whiskey

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whisky, every ounce a Man's whisky.

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whisky, every ounce a Man’s whisky.

Spinning through microfilm from 1952 the photographer holding a Speed Graphic camera caught my eye. This was the workhorse camera for press photographers almost from the time it was invented in 1912. According to Wikipedia the camera helped photographers win the Pulitzer Prize from 1942-54 and even won in the category as late as 1961. Perhaps the most famous photo made with the camera was Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of the Marines raising the American flag at Iwo Jima in World War II.
Other examples would be the explosion of the Hindenburg or the Migrant Mother image by Dorothea Lange.
Jim Hayes told me that as a reporter was given instructions on how to use the camera by a crusty editor.
He said something like, “Here’s your film holder kid. You have two shots, one to get it and one more if you blow it.”
Roll film cameras and improving camera lenses would make the one or two shot camera obsolete for journalists. I can’t imagine shooting a news event with only one or two frames, but the quality of the top images show it can be done. It is also why so many images from the era were staged, sitting still photos. Don’t want to waste expensive film on something that might not turn out.
Here Early Times, Kentucky’s favorite straight bourbon whiskey advertises that it is “Every Ounce a Man’s Whiskey.”
Good to know. Sure wouldn’t want a few ounces of Women’s Whisky to come out of the barrel.
Nothing like using a stereotype, the hard drinking journalist, to sell product.

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