Apr 10

Freeway construction begins in San Luis Obispo, 1952

It takes less time to travel this section of freeway than it takes to read about it. If you want to see the before picture click here.
The Telegram-Tribune of March 25, 1952 carried the story:

Construction began in Spring of 1952 on the 101 freeway in San Luis Obispo.

Construction began in Spring of 1952 on the 101 freeway in San Luis Obispo.

Big Crossing Structures Come First

Construction started today on the first of several freeway grade crossing structures through San Luis Obispo as the C.B. Tuttle company of Long Beach commenced work on its $445,224.15 contract to build under-crossings at Marsh street and Chorro street, and a bridge over Stenner creek.
The same contract also calls for widening of the existing North Broad street bridge and minor road work in connection with the different structures.
San Luis Obispans will soon begin to see some of the same huge freeway structures taking shape here that they have seen in other California cities as work progresses on this project.
Largest of the large reinforced concrete grade crossing affairs will be over Marsh street south of the bridge and will consist of two separate parallel structures of three spans each on concrete piers, with spread piers and abutments on concrete piles, according to the state division of highways district office. The left one of these will be 144 feet long with a minimum roadway width of 38 feet, the right one 140 feet long and 28 feet wide.
These will carry the main stream of north and southbound freeway traffic over the present Marsh street approach to the city and thence over the second pair of structures—two parallel concrete bridges over Stenner creek, each 229 feet long.
The third major structure will be a pair of reinforced concrete crossings over Chorro street, each 135 feet, 8 inches long, and supported by three spans on concrete piers, abutments and piles.
Fourth and last major portion of the Tuttle company contract will be widening of the existing North Broad street bridge from its present 20 feet, six inch width to 22 feet, six inches and minor roadwork in connection with the structures.
The Tuttle company contract was let late in January of this year.
Another contract was awarded last Sept. 5 to Granite Construction company of Watsonville for grade crossing structures at Santa Rosa street, Ida street and the Southern Pacific railroad tracks.
Work has not yet started on this $529,169 contract, the contractor being held up by delivery in steel deliveries, according to a division of highways spokesman.

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