May 11

Dance regulations wanted in San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

High spirited young men heading off to war didn’t always make the best neighbors.
From May 20, 1943 Telegram-Tribune

Citizens Demand Action of Policing of Dance

The San Luis Obispo city council last night acting on a request contained in a petition signed by 36 citizens, arranged with civilian and army authorities that the Saturday night dances at the Labor Temple on upper Monterey be closed at 11:45 p.m., and that extra police patrols be employed to prevent recurrences of the strongly worded complaint.
“We feel that taxpaying residents should not be subjected to the outrages and indignities that we have suffered in the past few months. Any action you may take in this matter will be greatly appreciated,” said one of the letters that accompanied the petition.

Solution Sought

The council, in an effort to take immediate action on the complaints had Orville Sherlock, operator of the dances brought before it to explain his side of the complaints and to work out a solution.
Lt. W.J. Cullenmore, Camp San Luis Obispo provost marshal, was also at the meeting and promised to see that the area near the dance hall is cleared of soldiers by 12 midnight.
The petition and accompanying letters, were signed by nearly 40 residents of that area who said that their property had been littered with bottles and trash, their gardens had been trampled, clothing had been stolen from their back yards and that men had even tried to force entrance into their homes.

Action Demanded

Mayor Fred C. Kimball, calling for immediate action, said that he was sure that the allegations were true to a great extent because of the number and character of people who had signed the petition.

Headlines from the April 20, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

Headlines from the April 20, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

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