May 22

El Pizmo Inn

El Pizmo hotel in Pismo Beach circa 1910s.

El Pizmo hotel in Pismo Beach circa 1910s.

This post card was in a Paso Robles file with no caption information. Printed on the back was “Alsup Studio Paso Robles, Calif.”
Only problem was the building didn’t look like one from Paso Robles.
The low heavy fog, dune scrub growth and lack of oak trees made Paso Robles less likely for the location. The North County gets fog but the the combination of factors added up to another location.
A careful examination of the image shows a faint writing near the center. It appears to say Pizmo Inn, Pizmo, CAL No 5.
A web search turns up pictures of the El Pizmo Motel not far from the current location of the pier. According to Pismo Beach writer Effie McDermott the motel had its heyday in the 1910s. Judging from the wooden wheeled car in the photo, this photo was made about that time, when biplanes raced cars.
Please comment if you have more information.

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