Jul 09

Kursk Tank Battle, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune July 9, 1943.

Telegram-Tribune July 9, 1943.

In local news, Marine pilot Lt. George Langston of Atascadero was credited with downing a Japanese bomber in fighting over Guadalcanal.

Receipts at the San Luis Obispo Post Office broke an all time record since it became a first class post office in 1921. The January-June period exceeded even the busy holiday season with $54,742.55 in receipts. The previous year had seen $35,872.40 in receipts, an indicator of the region’s explosive wartime growth.

Farm Bureau members in San Luis Obispo county voted in a ratio of 24 to one (247-10) for deportation of alien born Japanese from the United States after the war. They voted in a ratio of three to one (187-65) to deport American-born Japanese after the war. The members were willing to rewrite the constitution to deny rights to American-born Japanese though they were willing to make an exception for Japanese holding an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army.

The German Army launched a summer offensive near the town of Kursk, attempting to envelop Soviet forces.
A Yugoslav Army draftee had defected from the German lines, tipping the plan to the Soviets.
The Germans found that this was not the untested and unprepared Soviet army of June 1941. This would become one of the largest battles of the war.
Both sides knew this could be a major turning point in the war.

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