Jul 26

Photos From the Vault is moving

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whiskeywhiskey.

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whiskey.


When we launched blogs, like Photos From the Vault at sanluisobispo.com our old web publishing system was not nimble, easy to use or customize.
In fact it was easy to mess a lot of important things up so the blogs were launched on an outside platform. Over the years we have shifted blogging platforms three times, and changed the main website platform at least once.
Now it makes sense to bring the blogs under the parent umbrella of sanluisobispo.com.
This site will remain as a static archive but there is no easy way to import a half-decade of material into the new system.
Since 2007 there have been 985 posts and your over 2,000 comments have been a great addition to understanding the history of our community.
I won’t be moderating comments at the new location but hope you will continue to share your insights.
I hope you will follow us to the new address and as before we will post to facebook and twitter feeds if you prefer to check in that way.
The story will continue in a new location, just look a little different.




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