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Jul 26

Photos From the Vault is moving

COMMENTS ARE NO LONGER ENABLED When we launched blogs, like Photos From the Vault at sanluisobispo.com our old web publishing system was not nimble, easy to use or customize. In fact it was easy to mess a lot of important things up so the blogs were launched on an outside platform. Over the years we …

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Jul 21

Patton takes Sicily, World War II week by week

George S. Patton dominated headlines as well as Axis troops on Sicily in this edition from July 22, 1943.

Quoting from the Thursday July 22, 1943 Telegram-Tribune: “Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton’s Seventh Army raced virtually at will through the collapsed Axis defenses of central and western Sicily today, carrying the invasion campaign through what British military quarters called the mop-up stage in those regions.”

Jul 19

Pismo Pier plans from the past

Artists rendering of what the Pismo Beach pier could become from 1988.

Pismo Beach is currently setting goals for the future of downtown. At one time there was talk of putting commercial space on the diamonds of the pier, newly rebuilt from storm damage. The artist can’t seem to decide if it is summer (left side of pier) or winter. The prevailing wind appears to be opposite …

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Jul 15

The Elg runs aground off Oceano

Freighter Elg aground in Oceano, 1938. Photo courtesy Karen White via Vivian Krug.

Vivian Krug from the South County Historical Society shares this item about a story outlined previously here in Photos from the Vault. September 1938 — A lumber freighter runs aground and the captain decides to lighten the ship by tossing cargo overboard. Free lumber was a big deal during the Depression and there were fights …

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Jul 14

Sicily invaded, World War II week by week

July 1, 1943 Telegram-Tribune headlines include invasion of Sicily.

If anyone wondered where the Western Allies were moving next early July would provide answers. The Japanese forces were under attack at the Aleutian island of Kiska and the Southwest Pacific base of Munda, In Europe Sicily was under bombardment from sea and air as British and American forces prepared to invade. President Franklin Roosevelt …

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Jul 12

Cannon returned to Mission San Miguel

Historic Spanish cannon stolen from Old Mission San Miguel a year ago is welcomed home by Brother Paul (left), Brother Martin (center with glasses) and Father Manuel, standing next to Sheriff Larry Mansfield, in white shirt. ©The Tribune

The negative files from the 1960s are a bit of a mess but sometimes something turns up several months or years after it is written about. To read the previously published story click here. Apparently this isn’t the only cannon that has been misplaced. The one in front of the Veteran’s Hall in San Luis …

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Jul 11

Ah Louis, pioneer builder of San Luis Obispo

Ah Louis was the nickname given to Wong On who arrived in San Luis Obispo about 1870.

Ah Louis has to be on any top ten list of early persons of influence in San Luis Obispo. This article comes from the May 10, 1956 Centurama edition of the then Telegram-Tribune but the column was republished from one written in 1929 so some of the references need to be updated. Post a comment …

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Jul 10

Honoring Dr. Louis Tedone

Dr. Louis Tedone, 83, will recieve the first Louis Tedone Humanitarian award next week from French Hospital for his 45 years of serving the community as a pediatrician and volunteer. 
©The Tribune/ Aaron Lambert

Dr. Louis Tedone will be honored this evening, July 9, 2013 at Mission San Luis Obispo Parish Hall. Tribune reporter Sarah Arnquist wrote this story published Sept. 10, 2006: ‘LUCKY LOUIE’ IS COMMUNITY’S FORTUNE TO HONOR HIS DECADES OF SERVICE, FRENCH HOSPITAL CREATED THE LOUIS TEDONE HUMANITARIAN AWARD Few people have touched as many lives …

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Jul 09

Kursk Tank Battle, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune July 9, 1943.

In local news, Marine pilot Lt. George Langston of Atascadero was credited with downing a Japanese bomber in fighting over Guadalcanal. Receipts at the San Luis Obispo Post Office broke an all time record since it became a first class post office in 1921. The January-June period exceeded even the busy holiday season with $54,742.55 …

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Jul 04

The Eagle of Freedom or Jim Crow?

Bill Mauldin penned this political cartoon published in the Telegram-Tribune Sept. 12, 1963.

Artist Bill Mauldin was a master of communicating complicated concepts and emotions with a few sharply drawn visual symbols. He could draw in a single frame what would take lawyers pages of words. Mauldin first came to popular attention with his cartoons of the dog-faced GI’s – Willie and Joe – during World War II. …

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