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Mar 05

Vessels wanted! Sailing to Guadalupe

Ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune front page Feb. 6, 1875.

One of the oddities in the all advertising front page of the Tribune Feb. 6, 1875 was this vertical sailing ship. Either it is riding a really big wave or perhaps the ship is sailing south from the equator. More likely the engraving was made too wide for one column. Harriman & Co. had industriously …

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Feb 25

Lincoln hates booze

The Daily Telegram never lost an opportunity to scold readers about the evils of drink. This house ad is from Sept. 30, 1911.

When the Daily Telegram was founded in 1905 it was a temperance newspaper. It never lost an opportunity to scold readers on the evils of drink. Here the editors typeset a quote from one of the beloved icons of history and tried to bend it to to their cause. A quick google search did not …

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Feb 20

1875 Advertising in the San Luis Obispo Tribune

Feb. 6, 1875 San Luis Obispo Tribune is all advertising on the front page.

In recent years there has been some debate among newspapers about advertising placement. Should advertising slots be sold on the front page? Stickers, wraps, inserts, special bags, the advertising world wants something to give their message an edge. Sometimes called the fourth estate, the founding fathers saw the unfettered flow of information via journalism as …

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Feb 08

Convertable icebox and refrigerator

Advertisement from January 19, 1943 for a convertible icebox-refrigerator from Wards.

Rationing during World War II forced some companies to come up with new marketing strategies. Perhaps Wards had a bunch of refrigerators made without the cooling units and needed to unload them. Perhaps they could only get enough material to make the ice box. In any case they were offering a modern looking ice box …

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Jan 25

Zenith Solid State Stereos and Color TV Combinations

Feb. 8, 1966 ad for Zenith color TV and stereos. Mid-Century modern cabinets were the style of the day.

In the 1960s there were two schools of thought on sound systems. The new way was assembling a set of components, speakers, amplifier, turntable, etc. As you could afford it you would buy the best component part and assemble a system. A story on the same page as this advertisement explained the concept. The old …

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Jan 05

Studebaker cars, New! Beautiful! Exciting!

The 1964 Studebaker model year was introduced in Sept. 1963.

My friend Shawn Turner informs me that John Studebaker made money in the California gold fields making wheelbarrows for miners. He worked there from 1853-1858 when he returned to South Bend, Indiana and joined his brothers in the buggy and wagon business. Studebaker made the transition to automotive manufacture but by the mid-1960s the line …

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Dec 26

Horse drawn buggy by Studebaker

Studebaker horse and buggy ad from January 29, 1909 San Luis Obispo Telegram.

I asked Santa for a stylish classic Studebaker for Christmas. This is what I got. The company began in 1852 when brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker opened a blacksmith shop in South Bend Indiana. Later two younger brothers would join and they would build the business into the largest wagon and buggy maker in the …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas, 1965 from the Telegram-Tribune

December 28, 1965 Season's greetings, from the Telegram-Tribune.

Regular readers of the Telegram-Tribune and Photos From the Vault recognize the names from the Editorial Department. About 20 years after this 1965 house ad was published I would work with Eudora (Dorie) Bentley, George Brand and Carol Roberts. Readers of this blog have enjoyed looking at the pictures made by Jim Vestal and Jack …

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Dec 22

Electric lamps, the latest thing

Safe electric power was advertised in 1906.

A little over a hundred years ago this advertisement touted the safety of electric power over candles, gas or oil lamps. This is from the Feb. 24, 1906 edition of the San Luis Obispo Telegram. If you are reading this by a whale oil fired lamp you may want to E.M. Payne and get set …

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Dec 17

Christmas shopping ideas circa 1941

Economy Drug Store ad from Dec. 11, 1941 in the Telegram-Tribune.

The Economy Drug Store featured a Santa Claus in military hat saluting. It was four days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the influence of local military base expansion could be seen in the selection of some items and free gift wrapping and packaging for mailing. Mennen Military Toilet Kit for $2.50, contained Skin …

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