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Apr 04

Every Ounce a Man’s Whiskey

March 13, 1952 advertisement for Early Times whiskey, every ounce a Man's whisky.

Spinning through microfilm from 1952 the photographer holding a Speed Graphic camera caught my eye. This was the workhorse camera for press photographers almost from the time it was invented in 1912. According to Wikipedia the camera helped photographers win the Pulitzer Prize from 1942-54 and even won in the category as late as 1961. …

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Feb 25

Lincoln hates booze

The Daily Telegram never lost an opportunity to scold readers about the evils of drink. This house ad is from Sept. 30, 1911.

When the Daily Telegram was founded in 1905 it was a temperance newspaper. It never lost an opportunity to scold readers on the evils of drink. Here the editors typeset a quote from one of the beloved icons of history and tried to bend it to to their cause. A quick google search did not …

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Nov 25

Liquor regulations and prostitution, World War II week by week

Nov. 19, 1942 headlines in the Telegram-Tribune included allied advances in North Africa and a food poisioning at a mental health facility in Oregon. Tainted frozen egg yolks appeared to be the cause.

A recent unsolved murder and the arrival of thousands of troops to burgeoning camps the area forced the region to enact new restrictions on alcohol sales. The region was taking on a boom-town personality and it appears that prostitution was becoming a major issue; three of the five regulations addressed the topic. The story was …

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Oct 03

Clear your head with whiskey

Whiskey with a smile ad from July 3, 1935.

So apparently it is the brand of whiskey that gives you the hangover. I thought the point of whiskey was to get a warm fuzzy feeling, not have a clear head. That’s what Calvert seems to be claiming in this July 3, 1935 ad. Oh, four sentences deep into the copy they say moderation may …

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Aug 13

LOL cats drink whiskey and play with yarn

Animal photographer Ylla allowed this yarn playing kitten to help sell Hiram Walker's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Advertisement from August 20, 1942.

Gratuitous kitten photos didn’t start with the internet. This image is from an August 20, 1942 advertisement and the photographer is famous enough to be mentioned in the copy. Ylla (pronunced “eela” was the nom de plume of Camilla Koffler. The Hungarian born photographer immigrated to America when World War II engulfed Europe. Her speciality …

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Aug 07

Victory Sized ACME Beer helps win the war

ACME beer ad from the then Telegram-Tribune, August 8, 1942. Advertisers promoted patriotism as they sold their products.

Every advertiser wanted to look supportive of the war effort as America began to seriously turn toward military production. Gone are the pin-up girls and claims of “Dietetically Non-Fattening” from last years ad campaign. Scrap metal was being collected to make everything from bullets to Liberty ships. Sugar, rubber, gasoline and steel were among the …

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Jul 03

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad, fine sleeping rooms

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad July, 26, 1876 shortly after the United States turned 100.

[Oops, an correction is in order here, I confused the Cosmopolitan seen here with an earlier post about the Central Hotel which was seen in a photograph from 1883 in an earlier post. Thanks to Jack Krege for phone call.] Over the course of the last two weeks Cosmoplitan Hotel has popped up twice before. …

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Jun 15

Don’t drink and flash, Olympia beer ad

Olympia Beer ad from March 13, 1957 Telegram-Tribune.

So, it’s the end of the week. Time to set down the camera and flashbulb and try to find a can opener. This ad is a parade of dead technology, tin can without a pull tab, metal screw top film can, flash bulb, film camera. I’m not sure how they filled the glass, perhaps they …

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Aug 01

ACME Beer-dietetically non-fattening

Acme Beer ad by artist George Petty Acme Beer? Is that the brand Wile E. Coyote drinks? This ad from August 12, 1941 shows a winsome lass chatting on the phone with a tall frosty glass of brew. The back story comes from the website The brewery was an offshoot of the Olympia Brewing …

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Jun 06

The amazing new self-opening beer can: the birth of the pull tab

Telegram-Tribune Burgermiester beer ad touting the invention of the pull tab opener April 18, 1963 ©The Tribune When was the last time you popped open a frosty beverage? Send your thank-you cards care of Ermal Fraze. The idea would be worth a fortune. He forgot to bring the "church key" can opener to a picnic …

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