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Jan 23

Pestiferous household rodent frightened by young lady with lamp

The San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, Jan. 10, 1909.

The Daily Telegram’s early years in San Luis Obispo were mediocre. Founded on principles of temperance, managed by committee, the paper knew how to scold alcohol consumers. The newspaper seemed befuddled when real news came to town. The writing was florid and repetitive, leading you to believe the paper was stretching to fill space and …

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Jan 18

Sandhill Cranes land in the Carrizo Plain

The rare and majestic Sand-hill Crane is now wintering in the vicinity of Soda Lake in the Carrisa Plains in eastern San Luis Obispo County and Telegram-Tribune photographer Jack Wilson was lucky enough to catch this flock on the ground and in flight shortly after dawn Friday using his telescopic lens.
©Jack Wilson/Telegram-Tribune

In the mid-1980s when I first photographed the Sandhill Cranes on the Carrizo Plain there seemed to be several hundred flying back and forth between grain fields and Soda Lake. There are fewer acres being farmed out there now, and fewer birds to be seen the last time I was out there. I am not …

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Oct 08

Good-bye Squirrels

Booth's Squirrel and gopher exterminator ad from May 8, 1880.

A couple of years ago they waited, watching, biding their time. When my beefsteak tomatoes were three days from harvest they struck. Ground squirrel squads came through the fence and ate all the red, leaving lopsided green-striped tomato tops hanging from the vine. I could hear their high pitched laughter echoing from their dens. Apparently …

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Aug 13

LOL cats drink whiskey and play with yarn

Animal photographer Ylla allowed this yarn playing kitten to help sell Hiram Walker's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Advertisement from August 20, 1942.

Gratuitous kitten photos didn’t start with the internet. This image is from an August 20, 1942 advertisement and the photographer is famous enough to be mentioned in the copy. Ylla (pronunced “eela” was the nom de plume of Camilla Koffler. The Hungarian born photographer immigrated to America when World War II engulfed Europe. Her speciality …

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Apr 02

Leo the Lion takes a nap at the Atascadero Zoo

Leo the lion enjoys the sun on an April Sunday at the Atascadero Zoo. 4-14-1980 Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

Oct 12

Mules on Higuera Street, Sandercock Moving and Storage

Higuera Street before streets were paved, Sandercock moving wagon in the late 1800s. There aren't many businesses in the region that date back to horse and mule days, Sandercock Moving and Storage is one. They trace their roots back to 1872 when William Sandercock came to town. Mission San Luis Obispo turned 100 that year …

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