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Jun 04

Museum of printing, Shakespeare Press Museum at Cal Poly

ARMSTRONG POWER — Co-curator Emerson Hunt, a junior from Covina, turns the crank of the 90 year old Campbell cylinder press as Paiva feeds the paper. The press came 'round the Horn, was used by a San Francisco newspaper before the earthquake.
© The Tribune Wayne Nicholls

Johannes Gutenberg’s 15th century printing of the bible is a masterpiece, the first book published in volume, but he was a business failure. The genius German goldsmith, inventor of the Gutenberg press went into debt and an argument with his business partner doomed the venture. According to the NPR radio show Planet Money, other printers …

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May 02

McPhee University Union under construction, Cal Poly 1968

Cal Poly campus just before Poly Royal in April 1968. The University Union building was under construction, the Performing Arts Center was a lawn an Perimeter Road was a road.
circa April 25, 1968 © David Ranns/Telegram-Tribune

Feb 24

Prisoner of War, Rationing and Kasserine Pass, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune headlines from Feb. 17, 1943.

Feb. 17, 1943 Former Cal Poly student and basketball letterman Lt. Charles A. Cook Jr. was taken prisoner of war by Germany. The 1940 graduate was flying in bombers as a flight officer with the Royal Air Force and had completed about 36 operational sorties over enemy territory. He sent a letter from the prison …

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Jan 20

Cal Poly goes on night shift, World War II week by week

Cal Poly was aiding the war effort by hosting a Navy training facility. January, 7, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

January 7, 1942 First Lt. Nelson Herbert Russell of San Luis Obispo is a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippine Islands, it was announced yesterday by the War Department. Formerly employed for three years by the county welfare office in San Luis Obispo, Lieutenant Russell was a member of the Army Reserves and entered …

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Dec 24

Cal Poly hosts navy flight school, World War II week by week

A naval flight school was announced for Cal Poly Dec. 17, 1942.

The December 17, 1942 edition of the Telegram-Tribune contained good news for Cal Poly. The college had been threatened with closure at various times during its early history but now it had a war assignment. The U.S. Navy chose Cal Poly as one of 20 colleges with Naval Flight Preparatory schools. A minimum of 600 …

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Nov 16

‘Full Metal Jacket’ author Gustav Hasford and his book collection

Author Gustav Hasford proudly shows off his book collection. When he toted up overdue fines of $3,000 he was reported to police by local librarians.

If you love old bookstores you know the smell. The scent of bookbinder’s glue, old pages and stories, lots of stories. The aroma permeated the storage locker as I took photos of author Gustav Hasford. San Luis Obispo storage locker would later yield more than one story. It began innocently enough. Hasford had written the …

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Aug 09

James H. Hayes and the craft of writing

Cal Poly professor and journalist James H. Hayes. ©Telegram-Tribune Wayne Nicholls.

Good teachers share knowledge with students. Exceptional teachers inspire students to tread the path of learning and life. A handful of Cal Poly professors changed the direction of my career. Some closed doors some opened them. One slammed the door in my face and challenged me to open it. I never told him thanks till …

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Aug 03

Creators of the Cal Poly Mustang

Roy Harris sculptor and Cal Poly  professor created "Earl" the mustang that is next to the Julian McPhee Univerisity Union. ©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune published

The bronze mustang has been rearing up on his hind legs next to the University Union in War Memorial Plaza for 30 years now. Telegram-Tribune reporter Carol Roberts wrote about the creators April 22, 1982 just before it was unveiled for the 50th Poly Royal: A mustang in bronze When a lifesize bronze statue of …

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Jun 09

Fremont Theater opens, Cal Poly Bachelor’s degrees, World War II week by week


Can I ask a favor? If you think an article is worthwhile could you share a link on your favorite social media? When we had our technology meltdown we were offline for a number of weeks and now need to get the word out we are back. With our blogging technical difficulties resolved it is …

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Apr 18

Titanic Sinks, Telegram swims

News of the Titanic sinking reaches San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, April 16, 1912.

C.L. Day the new editor and manager of the San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram was desperately bailing water, trying to keep his ship from sinking. He had just bought the debt saddled Telegram five days  a little over a month earlier on March 11, 1912. The paper needed a lot of work. Founded as a temperance advocate …

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