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Feb 05

The law office of Walter Murray

What happened to the Murray Adobe and why should we care? Today’s column addresses the second question; Wednesday’s will address the first. Walter Murray was one of key formative personalities in San Luis Obispo County as the region made the transition from Mexican rule to American. The English born and educated in law, Murray came …

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Jan 07

Outlaw Solomon Pico, was he the real Zorro?

From the Daily Telegram Nov. 4&5 special edition celebrating the opening of a Cuesta Grade expansion.

Outlaws made travel by road on the Central Coast in the mid-1800s hazardous to your health. The term outlaw implies that there is some form of capable law enforcement but in 1850 California was a newborn state. Though San Luis Obispo was a charter county the mechanics of government were not yet effective. There were …

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Dec 14

Christmas in the pines, Cambria dance advertisement

Cambria Christmas ball advertised in the Dec. 4, 1869 Tribune.

The Tribune was four months old in December 1869 and it carried an advertisement for a Grand Christmas Ball scheduled for Christmas Eve in Cambria. At the time the town in the pines was undergoing a development boom and was the county’s second city. The dinner, and dance was touted at the grandest of the …

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Oct 29

Walter Murray retires from journalism after founding the Tribune

It was an open secret. Everyone in town knew Walter Murray was the founding editor of The San Luis Obispo Tribune. Competitors criticized Murray by name on an almost weekly basis. But the first edition the Tribune in August 1869 showed H.S. Rembaugh and Co. as the publisher. Except for a failed ownership change for …

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Sep 26

Early days in Cambria, or Roseaville


By the time the second edition the weekly San Luis Obispo Tribune was published the paper was starting to hit stride. The editor, Walter Murray had a bright confident writing style and the paper was interested in more than politics. Volume 1 Number 1 of the San Luis Obispo Tribune was published on Saturday but …

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