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Jul 15

The Elg runs aground off Oceano

Freighter Elg aground in Oceano, 1938. Photo courtesy Karen White via Vivian Krug.

Vivian Krug from the South County Historical Society shares this item about a story outlined previously here in Photos from the Vault. September 1938 — A lumber freighter runs aground and the captain decides to lighten the ship by tossing cargo overboard. Free lumber was a big deal during the Depression and there were fights …

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Jun 21

10 reasons to buy an RCA Victor Radio

RCA Victor was a top of the line radio when the cabinet was as important as the electronics in 1931.

E.E. Long Piano Company touted 10 big improvements as selling points of this new RCA Victor Radio in this ad from October 12, 1931. Here they are but they are not as amusing as the lists David Letterman reads. 1. Automatic volume control. 2, NINE tubes 3. New RCA Victor Super-Heterodyne with Pentode tubes. 4. …

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May 29

Dunite Days in the Oceano Dunes

Ellwood Decker was an artist and one of the last of the dunites. ©Telegram-Tribune/Sharon Lewis Dickerson

Ephemeric characters flash through history like shooting stars, rarely remembered beyond their days. Visionaries, dreamers and mystics rarely get remembered. Usually that honor goes to industrialists, generals, politicians and entertainers. Dreams aren’t worth a memorial if no one made a buck off it or won a battle. A rare exception is coming up. The first …

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Apr 09

1940ish San Luis Obispo Highway

Highway 101 enters San Luis Obispo from the south in this view from the 1930s or 40s.

This undated photo shows what appears to be a new highway entry in to San Luis Obispo as Highway 101 makes a turn onto Marsh Street. My guess is this is from the 40s as the highway was improved at least once in that decade. It may be from the late 30s, I can’t find …

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Oct 03

Clear your head with whiskey

Whiskey with a smile ad from July 3, 1935.

So apparently it is the brand of whiskey that gives you the hangover. I thought the point of whiskey was to get a warm fuzzy feeling, not have a clear head. That’s what Calvert seems to be claiming in this July 3, 1935 ad. Oh, four sentences deep into the copy they say moderation may …

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Sep 04

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, Tribune editor

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, was the public face of the Tribune when it was founded in 1869. The photo is circa 1910. Photo courtesy Stacy McKitrick.

Horatio S. Rembaugh traveled many miles before he set out to California, arriving in San Luis Obispo just in time to help publish the first edition of the Tribune. Born in Philadelphia August 3, 1840 he would never know his mother. Ann Rembaugh died within 9 months of Horatio’s birth. The fourth and last child …

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Aug 17

Masonic Temple in San Luis Obispo dedicated

Apron used at dedications of several significant San Luis Obispo buildings including a courthouse, library and temple. Now framed at the Masonic Lodge in San Luis Obispo..

The Masons have a deep sense of history. This apron was used in many ceremonies. It dedicated cornerstones of three court houses including Stockton and Visalia then later San Luis Obispo in 1872. Tribune founder, judge and freemason Walter Murray wore it during the San Luis Obispo courthouse dedication ceremony. The apron outlasted the old …

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Jul 18

Pismo Heights Property For Sale, Rustic Bungalows $690

Pismo Heights property for sale, million dollar views for much, much less. ©The Tribune

Pismo Heights is the neighborhood above Judkins Middle School. Many of the street names are from San Joaquin valley towns. This photo ran in the November 26, 1992 South County edition of the then Telegram-Tribune but the image looks to be from the late 20s or early 30s. The print also had a penciled note …

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Jul 16

Benjamin Brooks, longest serving editor-proprietor The Tribune

Benjamin Brooks was the longest serving editor and owner of the Tribune and was leader of the Elks Lodge from 1896-1897. This photo is from their hall.

You had to have imagination, optimism and faith to see business opportunity in San Luis Obispo County at the end of the 19th century. Benjamin Brooks saw it in a struggling newspaper printed in a tiny cow town. Since it was founded Aug. 7, 1869, The Tribune had a revolving door of almost a dozen …

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Jun 08

Witness to the Golden Gate Bridge opening

Woody Frey walked on the Golden Gate Bridge the day it opened. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

A recent story in the Tribune brought back memories for Woody Frey. He was 6 when the Golden Gate bridge was dedicated 75 years ago on May 27, 1937. Pedestrians were given the first day on the span. He is standing at the front right of this San Francisco Chronicle photo. He moved to California …

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