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Jul 12

Cannon returned to Mission San Miguel

Historic Spanish cannon stolen from Old Mission San Miguel a year ago is welcomed home by Brother Paul (left), Brother Martin (center with glasses) and Father Manuel, standing next to Sheriff Larry Mansfield, in white shirt. ©The Tribune

The negative files from the 1960s are a bit of a mess but sometimes something turns up several months or years after it is written about. To read the previously published story click here. Apparently this isn’t the only cannon that has been misplaced. The one in front of the Veteran’s Hall in San Luis …

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Jul 10

Honoring Dr. Louis Tedone

Dr. Louis Tedone, 83, will recieve the first Louis Tedone Humanitarian award next week from French Hospital for his 45 years of serving the community as a pediatrician and volunteer. 
©The Tribune/ Aaron Lambert

Dr. Louis Tedone will be honored this evening, July 9, 2013 at Mission San Luis Obispo Parish Hall. Tribune reporter Sarah Arnquist wrote this story published Sept. 10, 2006: ‘LUCKY LOUIE’ IS COMMUNITY’S FORTUNE TO HONOR HIS DECADES OF SERVICE, FRENCH HOSPITAL CREATED THE LOUIS TEDONE HUMANITARIAN AWARD Few people have touched as many lives …

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Jul 04

The Eagle of Freedom or Jim Crow?

Bill Mauldin penned this political cartoon published in the Telegram-Tribune Sept. 12, 1963.

Artist Bill Mauldin was a master of communicating complicated concepts and emotions with a few sharply drawn visual symbols. He could draw in a single frame what would take lawyers pages of words. Mauldin first came to popular attention with his cartoons of the dog-faced GI’s – Willie and Joe – during World War II. …

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Jul 02

R.R. Crossing Poly

©The Tribune

Couldn’t find a story to go with these negatives marked R.R. Crossing Poly Sept 7-63. My guess is this is the Foothill Blvd. crossing of the Southern Pacific tracks. Cerro San Luis is on left, and Bishop Peak on right, the palm trees of California Blvd. This area is all student housing now. Post a …

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Jun 26

Downtown Morro Bay 1963

Downtown Morro Bay 1963 ©The Tribune.

Jun 24

The filming of Boris Sagal’s “1,000 Plane Raid”

Stunt pilot flys a B-17 bomber at treetop level over a faux English airfield built in Santa Maria for the movie "1,000 Plane Raid". ©The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found a set of fascinating 35mm negatives in the bottom of a folder marked with an illegible scrawl. The first glassine sleeve appeared to read “’1,000 P+ei Raid’ Movie #1″ and the rest had less information, only numbered 2-4. The images showed impressive B-17 bomber stunt flying below the eucalyptus treetops …

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Jun 10

Cigar Factory, San Luis Obispo

Cigar Factory, San Luis Obispo. ©The Tribune

The Cigar Factory was the name of a swanky restaurant in San Luis Obispo. This is from a set of negatives labeled Cigar Factory, with no other information. It came from a box of mid-1960s negatives and looks like the work of Jim Vestal, who would often use flash units off camera to provide dramatic …

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Jun 07

San Luis Obispo train station in the early morning, waiting for the Lark

San Luis Obispo train station in the early hours of Feb. 20, 1968. Few customers for the Lark, a Southern Pacific overnight between San Francsico and San Luis Obispo.
©The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Waiting for the Lark. It takes a lot of time to match up photos and articles from the file, and some weeks I don’t have a lot of time. I want to keep the blog fresh with new images and often some would be fun to share don’t need a lot of extra writing. I …

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May 20

Modern Photography, Polaroids, instamatics and Super 8

Advertising for Instamatic, Polaroids and Super 8 cameras at Grant's in San Luis Obispo October, 30 1968.

How can you make photography any easier than this? One camera makes instant prints. An electric eye, electronic shutter and image-sizer with viewfinder frame. Not sure what any of that does but it sure sounds cool, especially when you put it in the Professional-type carrying case. Another costs less and loads easily with flash cubes …

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May 15

Cuesta College Tug-of-War 1968

NOT HARD TO TELL WHICH SIDE WON Cuesta College frosh triumphed.
©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

A tradition from the early days of Cuesta College sadly no longer practiced. Published October 12, 1968. Frosh gutty — Sophs muddy Mud, mud everywhere, especially on the sophomores—the result of a tug-o-war between Cuesta College’s freshmen and sophomores, with the younger set winning both dirty battles in a two-game series. Both class presidents got …

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