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Sep 21

1970 Harvest Festival

October 10, 1970 Chalk it up to poor planning. Both Arroyo Grande’s Harvest festival and Paso Robles’ Pioneer Day fell on the same date to start off the 1970′s. Since today’s organizers plan better Photos from the Vault can run the photos on different days. The 33rd grand marshal was someone who had traveled in …

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Sep 15

Warren J. Baker named Cal Poly President

August 22, 1979 Just over 30 years ago Cal Poly’s new president, Warren J. Baker set the tone for the next three decades in his first press conference. Two days into the job he focused his attention on seeking more money from private sources to support the university in an era of state funding cutbacks. …

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Sep 13

RCA Record club

April 8, 1972 Remember how hard the record companies fought joining online music sales? They were afraid that 99 cents for a song was going to drive them out of business, or end the world as we know it. They don’t have to print the album or distribute it today, just sent out a stream …

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Sep 06

Seeder gone to seed

October 25, 1978 As I have written before, newspapers stockpile timeless feature photos for the days that a visual event just does not happen. We call it wild art. On this Labor Day weekend I’m taking a break from a post that requires a lot of text. Photographer Wayne Nicholls found this John Deer seeder …

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Sep 01

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot Destroyed

August 13, 1971 The people who love trains love everything about them, the history, the stories, the memorabilia. The folks who run railroads, not so sentimental. At one time the Southern Pacific was San Luis Obispo’s leading industry. It was literally and figuratively the engine that drove the area’s growth for decades after it arrived …

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Aug 30

Cuesta Grade Truck hangs in the balance

  July 7, 1971 The Cuesta  Grade has gone through at least two major remodels since these photos were made. A divider was added and then more recently the road expanded to three lanes. It was a wild road with a single lane in each direction before it was expanded in the 1930′s. Here is …

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Aug 25

Sophisticated Hot Pants Macrame, order now!

May 15, 1971 Remember macramé? It was huge in the 1970′s. Clothes, hammocks, hanging plants it seemed like everything but swim suits could be made by knotting yarn. Yeah, there’s a art I can manage. Never was good at weaving but tying knots, I might be able to pull that off. Does getting yarn tangled …

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Aug 23

Diablo Reactor vessel

July 12, 1971 Earlier this month Diablo Canyon showed off a new reactor vessel head. The massive 70-ton unit took three weeks to travel by highway from Mt. Vernon Indiana. Quoting David Sneed’s copy The vessel head is one of the main components of a nuclear reactor and maintains pressure within the water cooled reactor. …

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Aug 20

Pozo Saloon

August 7, 1971 The Pozo Saloon has been a local watering hole for over a century and though the music has changed the saloon would still be recognizable to a time traveler from the 1800′s. The they might not be ready  for Ice Cube or Rat Dog (the band of Grateful Dead member Bob Weir). …

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Aug 16

Charles “Tex” Watson Wedding, the Manson murders 40 years later


Blood marked the end of the 1960′s. Some view the fatal stabbing of a concert fan at Altamont as the end to the era of hippie peace and love. Others point to the gruesome series of Los Angeles area murders carried out in August by the followers of Charles Manson. There are pages of links …

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