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Jul 10

Honoring Dr. Louis Tedone

Dr. Louis Tedone, 83, will recieve the first Louis Tedone Humanitarian award next week from French Hospital for his 45 years of serving the community as a pediatrician and volunteer. 
©The Tribune/ Aaron Lambert

Dr. Louis Tedone will be honored this evening, July 9, 2013 at Mission San Luis Obispo Parish Hall. Tribune reporter Sarah Arnquist wrote this story published Sept. 10, 2006: ‘LUCKY LOUIE’ IS COMMUNITY’S FORTUNE TO HONOR HIS DECADES OF SERVICE, FRENCH HOSPITAL CREATED THE LOUIS TEDONE HUMANITARIAN AWARD Few people have touched as many lives …

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Feb 13

Remembering Kaz Ikeda

Kaz Ikeda is the Farm Bureau's Agriculturist of the Year award recipient. He was photographed in his front yard which overlooks much of the land his family has farmed for about 70 years.
©The Tribune/Robert Dyer

South county lost a patriarch of agriculture and community service on Feb. 11, 2013. Bill Morem is writing a story to be published in the Tribune tomorrow and soon on Leslie E. Stevens wrote this biography published in the Tribune July 28, 2000. Rooted in community Arroyo Grande farmer recognized for lifetime of volunteerism …

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Jan 09

Raven J. Railey memorial

David Metz as 'Mr. Paravincini' sneaks up on Jeanne Railey's 'Mollie.'
© Telegram-Tribune/David Middlecamp

The first time I took her picture in 1986 Jeanne Railey was in a high school play playing the role of “Molly” in Mousetrap. Her love of the theater would be a focal point of her life. She would later join the Telegram-Tribune as a writer, preferring Raven J. Railey as her byline. At the …

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Oct 12

Remembering Myron Graham

Myron Graham at his home. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Ken Chen

He would always greet me with a hearty, “Hello young man!” even when I was into my 40s. I knew Myron Graham from childhood. Grandma Betty bought her watercolor paints and paper at Grahams Art Store downtown on Monterey Street. There was always a plate with graham crackers to snack on and the pungent smells …

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Sep 24

Shanghi Low no longer part of the skyline

ODD MIX: Chris Cothard stands outside his Palindromes pizza restaurant beneath the historical but unrelated "Chop Suey' sign. He says it has misled and angered some customers. The photo was from a story published Nov. 25, 1996 ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

Thirteen years after the following story was written the Shanghi Low building is laid low. The area is part of the Copeland’s Chinatown redevelopment slated for much of this block. On May 12, 1999 Telegram-Tribune reporter Mike Stover wrote about plans to knock down the brick building with the Shanghi Low Chop Suey sign on …

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Aug 23

Humpback whales off Diablo Canyon

A large group of humpback whales, seals, pelicans and seagulls were feeding in the ocean near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Powerplant on the afternoon of Sept. 8, 2000  © David Middlecamp

Photographer Bill Bouton recently recorded a remarkable series of humpback whale images at Avila Beach. When he posted them to his flickr site the the images were picked up worldwide in various media and one was published on the front page of The Tribune. A tip of the lens cap from one photographer to another. …

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Aug 05

Templeton park canon now silent

Civil War era canon in Templeton Park dated 1863 was cast in Pittsburgh, Pa. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

This article ran in the October 19, 1962 edition of the Telegram-Tribune but it was easier to make a new photograph while driving by recently than to try to find the 1962 image. Civil War Veteran TEMPLETON — Although the cannon mounted at the Templeton community park was designed for use in the American Civil …

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Jul 11

The Chinese temple in Cambria

The former Chinese temple in Cambria in 1980. ©The Tribune

A century-old lost coin leads to the rediscovery of what was once the centerpiece of a long-gone community. Historical buildings are often taken for granted and allowed to slip away. Sometimes it is an attempt to erase our past; sometimes the culprit is neglect or a lack of money. All three causes intersect in an …

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Apr 30

Joe Johnston’s B&W Cafe


Tribune colleague Joe Johnston has launched a blog of contemporary black and white photography, B&W Cafe. New images daily. Old technology meets new, they were all shot on an iPhone. No darkroom chemicals were mixed in the making of these images.

Mar 26

Don’t frack on me, lessons from Unocal’s Guadalupe pollution settlement

"Unocal to pay $43.8 million for polluting fragile dunes"; Telegram-Tribune front page July 22, 1998.

What could be bad about a process called fracking? Energy companies now wish they had come up with a less dirty sounding name for the process of hydraulic fracturing, using high pressure water, sand and chemicals to crack rocks and release natural gas. I’m all for energy independence but I’m also in favor of responsible …

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