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Dec 26

Horse drawn buggy by Studebaker

Studebaker horse and buggy ad from January 29, 1909 San Luis Obispo Telegram.

I asked Santa for a stylish classic Studebaker for Christmas. This is what I got. The company began in 1852 when brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker opened a blacksmith shop in South Bend Indiana. Later two younger brothers would join and they would build the business into the largest wagon and buggy maker in the …

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Dec 07

The end of horse and buggy days, the stage from San Luis to San Simeon

Pettenger's hamburger stand at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets owned by A.M. (Bert) Pettenger. Later called Dad's.

Technology changes and the job you thought you had is gone. I hear that one all the time. How about a job that only lasts one year? Elliot Curry told the story in the Telegram-Tribune March 22, 1968: Auto killed San Simeon run Pettenger’s short-lived stage line Two young fellows from Iowa stopped at the …

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Nov 14

Motoring in a Maxwell in San Luis Obispo

WANNA JOIN THE ARMY?…This shot of two army recruiters of World War I was taken as two men posed in an old Maxwell just outside the Stag billiard parlor at the corner of Morro and Monterey, The photo belongs to A.E. Brooking, 1215 Morro. The horse and buggy was still a familiar sight on the streets of San Luis Obispo, in those days there were no parking meters. ©The Tribune

Less than a century ago dirt streets and horses were not hard to find in San Luis Obispo. This unrelated story and photo turn the clock back to 1917. These items were republished in the May 15, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune. Read more about the “>Stag Billiard Parlor here or World War I …

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Nov 02

Boom town, San Miguel

Ernest Simon and the old San Miguel building—built in 1897—he's tearing down for scrap.  ©The Tribune

San Miguel is one of the boom and bust towns of the region. Founded July 25, 1797, it is 16th of the 21 California missions. Another significant moment came October 8, 1886 when Southern Pacific built rails into town from the north, then kept right on going to Paso Robles and Templeton where construction paused …

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Oct 25

California Valley barn

California Valley has attracted farmers with big plans but by 1966 this farm had seen better days. ©Jim Vestal/The Tribune

Sunsoaked and rain starved, California Valley is a unique place. This photo was made by Jim Vestal July 15, 1966 but I could not find an article to go with it. The building is unusually tall, perhaps it was built as a grain processing facility. Driving by places like this I wonder what the story …

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Sep 24

Shanghi Low no longer part of the skyline

ODD MIX: Chris Cothard stands outside his Palindromes pizza restaurant beneath the historical but unrelated "Chop Suey' sign. He says it has misled and angered some customers. The photo was from a story published Nov. 25, 1996 ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

Thirteen years after the following story was written the Shanghi Low building is laid low. The area is part of the Copeland’s Chinatown redevelopment slated for much of this block. On May 12, 1999 Telegram-Tribune reporter Mike Stover wrote about plans to knock down the brick building with the Shanghi Low Chop Suey sign on …

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Aug 17

Masonic Temple in San Luis Obispo dedicated

Apron used at dedications of several significant San Luis Obispo buildings including a courthouse, library and temple. Now framed at the Masonic Lodge in San Luis Obispo..

The Masons have a deep sense of history. This apron was used in many ceremonies. It dedicated cornerstones of three court houses including Stockton and Visalia then later San Luis Obispo in 1872. Tribune founder, judge and freemason Walter Murray wore it during the San Luis Obispo courthouse dedication ceremony. The apron outlasted the old …

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Jul 03

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad, fine sleeping rooms

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad July, 26, 1876 shortly after the United States turned 100.

[Oops, an correction is in order here, I confused the Cosmopolitan seen here with an earlier post about the Central Hotel which was seen in a photograph from 1883 in an earlier post. Thanks to Jack Krege for phone call.] Over the course of the last two weeks Cosmoplitan Hotel has popped up twice before. …

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Jun 29

Monterey Street stories – San Luis Obispo

May 8, 1968 Telegram-Tribune records the death of the old Cosmopolitan Hotel on Monterey Street.

A few days ago I wrote that this photo had languished in the files of The Tribune, unpublished. A correction is in order; apparently the statement was only half true. The left half of the photo was published in the paper in 1968. The caption under the photo said the historical image was from 1885. …

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May 02

The last sunset for the Southern Pacific

View from Southern Pacific caboose departing San Luis Obispo northbound. ©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

One of the Southern Pacific’s last major routes constructed was on the Coast Line between Ellwood and Santa Margarita. The railroad, founded as the Central Pacific in 1861 did not arrive in San Luis Obispo until 1894 and did not complete a San Francisco to Los Angeles Coast route until 1901. Further construction revised the …

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