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Jun 24

The filming of Boris Sagal’s “1,000 Plane Raid”

Stunt pilot flys a B-17 bomber at treetop level over a faux English airfield built in Santa Maria for the movie "1,000 Plane Raid". ©The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found a set of fascinating 35mm negatives in the bottom of a folder marked with an illegible scrawl. The first glassine sleeve appeared to read “’1,000 P+ei Raid’ Movie #1″ and the rest had less information, only numbered 2-4. The images showed impressive B-17 bomber stunt flying below the eucalyptus treetops …

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Jun 12

Uncovering Moses of Guadalupe, Cecil B. DeMille films Ten Commandments in 1923

Glen Wharton shows a portion of Cecil B. DeMille's set for the 1923 movie The Ten Commandments, filmed in the Guadalupe Dunes. The set had been buried in sand for over 65 years when it was uncovered in the 1990.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

Is it archeology when the artifacts are actually movie prop replicas made of plaster? Ancient Egypt has long captured the imagination of story tellers and in 1923 Cecil B. DeMille was setting the standard for epic movies, before color and sound had come into the picture. He would later remake the epic story in color …

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Apr 13

Remembering Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters in a 1998 provided photograph.

There is a little less laughter in the world. Jonathan Winters a brilliantly inventive force of comedy passed away yesterday, April 11, 2013 at the age of 87. The San Luis Obispo film festival honored veteran director Stanley Kramer and friend Jonathan Winters came up from his Montecito home for the celebration. Winters was one …

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Feb 13

As time goes by, Casablanca movie advertisement

Advertisements for the movies Cat People and Casablanca from January 1943.

How do you measure movie success? Cat People was so good in 1942, that it was remade 40 years later with Nastassja Kinski in the title role. Casablanca was never remade. Cat People uses poster type that looks fuzzy or was clawed by cats. Casablanca does not. The Cat People lead actress was Simone Simon …

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Jan 08

When Huell Howser visited Cuesta Grade

Huell Howser host of  public television's "California's Gold" and Bill Loper of the San Luis Obispo Historical Society on Cuesta Grade in 1994.

Huell Howser had what many would consider a dream job, travel, access to interesting places. He was producer and host of a series of shows that highlighted the nature and history of California. He made the most of his opportunities throughout the state with a sense glee that put his subjects at ease and made …

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Nov 30

The Roaring 20s, world class motor racing at Exposition Park

R.E. Heidorn takes a walk along the old banked curve of the once famous San Luis Obispo auto racing course. Contours of the only one-mile track were still visible along South Street in 1965. © The Tribune

Automobile engines were what put the roar into the Roaring 20s. In San Luis Obispo a palace to the newfangled automobile was constructed between two monuments of the railway, it was called Exposition Park. The roundhouses for the Southern Pacific and the Pacific Coast Railway were near opposite ends of South Street. The narrow gauge …

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Nov 16

‘Full Metal Jacket’ author Gustav Hasford and his book collection

Author Gustav Hasford proudly shows off his book collection. When he toted up overdue fines of $3,000 he was reported to police by local librarians.

If you love old bookstores you know the smell. The scent of bookbinder’s glue, old pages and stories, lots of stories. The aroma permeated the storage locker as I took photos of author Gustav Hasford. San Luis Obispo storage locker would later yield more than one story. It began innocently enough. Hasford had written the …

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Jun 09

Fremont Theater opens, Cal Poly Bachelor’s degrees, World War II week by week


Can I ask a favor? If you think an article is worthwhile could you share a link on your favorite social media? When we had our technology meltdown we were offline for a number of weeks and now need to get the word out we are back. With our blogging technical difficulties resolved it is …

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Jun 06

Why Ray Bradbury loved libraries, dedication in Paso Robles

At the Paso Robles library dedication featured speaker was author Ray Bradbury.© David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Beside his typewriter was a sign that said “Don’t Think.” Prolific author Ray Bradbury came to the Central Coast on several occasions, Telegram-Tribune reporter Patrick O’Sullivan documented a visit to Hancock College in Oct. 1985. “We are ideas bursting to be born,” Bradbury said. “You are the idea beasts of time.” He advocated writing fast …

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Jun 05

Annoying people who talk in theaters

Everett True takes on a movie theater talker in this cartoon from February 15, 1917.

Talking in theaters was apparently a problem way back in 1917, before cell phones were invented. Heck it was ten years before “The Jazz Singer” would bring talking pictures to the masses. Talking movies would spell the end of vaudeville. Film entertainers were the best of the best and delivered a show cheaper and more …

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